Master the entire Mars resource chain.

All-Rounders are masters of the entire, complex Martian economy. They use their expertise to manage the entire resource chain, insulating themselves from dips in the market or the mistakes of others. This is Mars on expert mode.

Relevant Item Types:


Strategic Resource Production:


Appeals to: Advanced players that enjoy the challenge of maintaining the full chain and the rewards of all resource types so they have the most flexibility and are fully sustainable.

Lots of players will want to be self-sufficient and produce all the required inputs for their NFT collection.

They will actively manage their collection, both in terms of their (lower) earning power for each item type coupled with near constant slider setting adjustments, to fully support all of their collection while maximizing rewards.

Progression Chart


Progression Rewards

Cumulative Production Increase Reward

ALL outputs are % higher for ALL ITEMS in the resource chain.

Cumulative Input Reduction Reward

ALL inputs are % lower for ALL ITEMS in the resource chain.

Cumulative Resistance Increase Reward

ALL items in the resource chain have % increase in resistance.

Cumulative Repair Reduction Reward

ALL items in the resource chain  have % reduction in repair and reactivation cost.


No items found.