Secondary Hazards

Mechanical Failures

Mechanical Failures

The Curiosity rover, since its 2012 landing, has traveled over 27km on Mars, but the planet's rough terrain wreaked havoc on its aluminium wheels. Martian hazards constantly wear down buildings, vehicles, and equipment, necessitating a robust maintenance regimen and potential repairs. Despite equipment efficiency, past rovers encountered problems like wheel damage and dusty solar panels. Astronauts would play a crucial role in monitoring equipment to ensure functionality, with skilled engineers on Mars facilitating hands-on repairs and minimizing reliance on replacements from Earth.


Mechanical failures can strike any building or piece of machinery at any time, and the interconnected nature of the colony can lead to knock-on impacts. Mechanical Failures can impact any ownership card (not sponsorship cards) and happen in batches at the same time, representing unclassified weather phenomenons, power surges, damaged lines and a host of other miscellaneous events. They have the lowest intensity ranges and are therefore most likely to occur on already damaged cards, or cards which are under/over supported heavily. Well maintained ownership cards with a balanced allocation of active base cards can become almost immune to Mechanical failures.


Minor & Major:

Minimum intensity: 0

Maximum intensity: 100

Chance to Occur

Baseline Per Hour: 5% Major, 5% Minor

Static Storm In Progress (+25%)

Dust Storm In Progress (+50%)


Damage calculation:

Minor: (Intensity - Resistance) /2

Major: Intensity - Resistance

Items Vulnerable to this Hazard


No items found.