Direct the ISA’s most precious resource: Astronauts.

Managers feed, house, and train all types of personnel — from construction workers to research scientists. This demanding Specialty requires complex management skills, but makes you an indispensable part of the settlement’s activities.

Relevant Item Types:

  1. All Astronauts

Strategic Resource Production:

  1. Engineer Labor
  2. Science Labor
  3. Social Labor
  4. Logistics Labor

Production requirements for this Specialty are the TOTAL Labor production (i.e. Engineer + Science + Social + Logistics)

Appeals to: Advanced players that want to stack labor, which will be in demand for more complex equipment.

Progression Requirements


Progression Rewards

Cumulative Production Increase Reward

ENGINEER LABOR outputs are % higher for Engineer, Civil Engineer & Geologist.

SCIENCE LABOR outputs are % higher for Scientist, Botanist, Doctor & Geologist.

SOCIAL LABOR outputs are % higher for ALL Astronauts.

LOGISTICS LABOR outputs are % higher for Botanist, Civil Engineer, Geologist & Supply Chain Manager.

Cumulative Input Reduction Reward

FOOD, OXYGEN, WATER & WELLBEING inputs are % lower for ALL Astronauts.

Cumulative Resistance Increase Reward

ALL Astronauts have % increase in resistance.

Cumulative Repair Reduction Reward

ALL Astronauts have % reduction in repair and reactivation cost.


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