Secondary Hazards

Crop Blight

Crop Blight

Growing plants on Mars poses significant challenges due to reduced sunlight, nutrient-poor regolith, and potential mechanical failures. NASA's research has enabled astronauts to cultivate crops aboard the International Space Station, but growing crops on Mars requires extensive study and adaptation to overcome unexpected barriers and stresses, making it a challenging endeavor for sustaining life on another celestial body.


The crop blight impacts any ownership cards which produce food, but have no impact on botanists. The subset of cards affected are fairly small, but cold have large impacts on the labor of astronauts if they are unable to be fed correctly.


Minimum intensity: 0

Maximum intensity: 100

Chance to Occur

Baseline Per Hour: 1%

Continuation Modifier:

+50% chance if occured in the previous hour.


Damage calculation:

Intensity - Resistance

Items Vulnerable to this Hazard


No items found.