Secondary Hazards



As astronauts embark on the challenging task of establishing a settlement on Mars, the risk of injury becomes a significant concern. Negotiating unfamiliar terrain and executing intricate construction activities expose them to potential hazards such as falls, equipment glitches, and unpredictable Martian weather.


Injuries can strike any astronaut at any time, and the sudden loss of that astronaut’s labor. Injuries represent anything which would slow an astronaut’s ability to work, from a bad cut to broken bones, a lack of sleep to a dark mental state. A card cannot be hit by multiple Injuries in the same hour, at worst suffering either a minor or major Injury.


Minor & Major:


Chance to Occur

Baseline Per Hour: 5% Major, 5% Minor

Minor & Major:

Screeching Winds In Progress (+25%)
Dust Storm In Progress (+25%)
Virus In Progress (+25%)


Damage calculation:

Minor: (Intensity - Resistance) /2

Major: Intensity - Resistance

Items Vulnerable to this Hazard


No items found.