Interplanetary Space Alliance



Thrive on Mars chronicles the journey of the Interplanetary Space Alliance (ISA), a fictional decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) formed in 2022. The ISA's primary mission is to establish a self-sustaining settlement on Mars. Despite its fictional nature, the game reflects a plausible future for aerospace, leveraging decentralized technology to accelerate space exploration.

The ISA's core values, encapsulated in the acronym MARS (Multiplanetary, Autonomous, Redistributive, Sustainable), drive its pursuit of making humanity a multiplanetary species. Thriving on Mars represents the first step towards this ambitious goal, fostering innovation, scientific discoveries, STEM education, and inspiring future generations.

The ISA envisions returns from Mars settlement through innovation, scientific advancements, global inspiration, historical legacy, and as a safe haven amidst environmental and geopolitical uncertainties on Earth. Moreover, the ISA aims to prevent the monopolization of celestial bodies by any single nation, promoting a transnational and distributed stakeholder network.

As the ISA evolves from a small DAO to a global force, its founders' vision, talent, and global support propel humanity's journey to Mars and beyond. The game's narrative delves into the ISA's history, founders, and contemporary relevance

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