To thrive on Mars, humanity must be more innovative than ever before.

From new infrastructure and economy, to large-scale industry in 38% Earth's gravity — the realities of Mars call for radically new systems.

A self-sustaining civilization needs a self-sustaining economy.

Earth and Mars are over 33.9 million miles apart.

It takes up to 20 minutes for a transaction on Mars to be verified back on Earth.

Transmitting sensitive data between planets is technically challenging and a security risk.

All of Earth’s economic systems go through mediators that add complexity.

Banks, lawyers, and governing bodies add more time and cost to manage every process.

A simpler, faster, and fully digital system is needed to match the realities of life on Mars.

Blockchain does the job of a mediator but via code and lightning fast.

Our economic simulation lets people trade directly with each other.

Everything is valued in MARTIA which connects digital assets, land, and labor.

The result is an economy that drives innovation.

MARTIA enables people to get direct feedback and make progress, faster. It accurately attributes value to everything in the Mars economy.

Turning a 3-step economy into a 2-step economy that’s independently managed on Mars.

An end-to-end solution

Mars is the perfect place to show what an end-to-end, decentralized system can do. Our economic simulation includes Property Management, Proof of Ownership, and connects directly to the Resource Chain — which must be carefully managed for life to thrive on Mars.
Martia exchange connection explanation

How it works


Digital tokens for water, fuel, power etc. represent the realistic values of resources on Mars.

Equipment, Buildings & Vehicles

Can be bought or traded for MARTIA.


Digital certificates prove ownership with details like location, resource access, and constructed items.


Astronauts use digital certificates to show their skills and work history. They can be hired directly in exchange for MARTIA.

Voting & Governance

Tracked and recorded in a decentralized, secure, and transparent manner. Coming soon.


There are no barriers to genius in our game. If you know a better way to thrive, we want to hear it.

MARTIA will go to Mars with human missions.

Our vision is for MARTIA to supply the economic component of humans-to-Mars missions.

MARTIA operates inside of our games

MARTIA is already being used to buy digital assets that can be owned and operated inside our game ecosystem. All items and resources mirror the realistic quantities that would be available on Mars, and reflect the changing needs and desires of the settlement.

MARTIA funds R&D to make the best Mars solutions

MARTIA will be used to fund improvements to the Mars Data Engine and R&D to get us mission-ready for Mars. The insights from the games can help close some of the gaps that still exist in an end-to-end mission plan — Spacesuits aren’t ready for Mars, and large-scale 3D printing for buildings is still in its infancy. MARTIA will be used to support these initiatives.

What’s coming next

How does digital ownership translate to Mars? And what incentives will there be to participate? Stay tuned for the answers. Or for more information, contact us.

MARTIA is being used in the most sophisticated Mars simulation.

Colonize Mars is the only simulation game where your actions can help humanity become multiplanetary. Use your skills to test the latest Mars technology and build a thriving colony. Your efforts will be rewarded in MARTIA, the currency of Mars. Join the mission and start writing your legacy.

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Powered by data

The Thrive Data Platform aggregates real planetary information, the performance of in-game resources, and every move a player makes. 
This data creates the most realistic virtual environment, where players are driving the economic growth and expansion of life on Mars.

Player decisions refine the Data Engine over time. Making it more accurate and providing key insights. The kind that are only possible when thousands of people make decisions that mirror the realistic choices astronauts would make on Mars.



Learn about the Thrive Game Engine, a powerful decentralized economic simulation engine that enables our Mars economy to operate in perpetuity.