Specialties are player-selected identities enabling focused skill development for managing, expanding, or exploring a specific part of the settlement. Achievements and permanent skill bonuses enhance competitiveness against those without comparable expertise.

Think of each specialty as a career milestone within the ISA organization: become integral to Mars mission control operations, and shape your narrative.

Activating & Changing a Specialty

All players must have a Specialty.

Players can only have one selected at a time, but are free to switch Specialty whenever they want to, with all the Specialty progress saved.

Only the currently selected Specialty will gain progression.

Players will receive benefits from all the Specialty ranks they have unlocked, including those from Specialties not currently active.

Bonus Stacking

Different bonuses to the same thing are additive.

For example:

Production increase: baseline x (1 + bonus1 % + bonus2 % + … + bonusX % )

Consumption reduction: baseline x (1 - bonus1 % - bonus2 % - … - bonusX % )

Production Requirements

Each Specialty has a Production requirement to rank up.

The production requirement listed in the relevant tables are running lifetime totals. They do not include any production from liquidity staking.

Production Example:

A player with Technician actively selected has some Solar Panel Arrays, Fission Reactors and Ice Mining Rigs

The hourly calculation is run and the solar panels produce 10 power, the fission reactors produce 15 power, and the ice mining rigs consume 20 power. The player would get the gross +25 to power production requirement for the Technician - not just the net +5.

Efficiency Calculation

The “Efficiency requirement” is based on a counter of individual hours that meet that efficiency.

If a player’s efficiency drops below the requirement for an hour, it pauses progress on leveling until the player gets it back up above that threshold.

Efficiency for a specific Specialty is calculated as the average efficiency a player has of the relevant item types

For example:

A player has 100 Collection Strength of Solar Panel Arrays, 200 Collection Strength of Fission Reactors, and 0 Collection Strength of Megapower Reactors.

70 CS of Solar Panels are active with 30 deactivated by a hazard = 70 / 100 = 70% efficiency

180 CS of Fission Reactors are active with 20 deactivated by a hazard = 180 / 200 = 90% efficiency

Efficiency for the hour = (70 + 90) / 2 = 80%

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