Secondary Hazards

Contaminated Ice

Contaminated Ice

While some water extraction on Mars has pure water-ice, occasional encounters with contaminated ice, rich in salts like perchlorates, demand extensive purification processes. This can slow dow production and consume precious energy, thus hindering the efficiency of water extraction for sustaining human life on the planet.


Contaminated Ice impacts any cards which have water as an output. The number of cards vulnerable to this hazard is very small, but it means an intense hazard could have a huge impact on production.


Minimum intensity: 0

Maximum intensity: 100

Chance to Occur

Baseline Per Hour: 1%

Continuation Modifier:

1% increased chance if occured in the previous hour.

Chain Reaction Modifier:

50% increased chance if Brittle Airlines is occuring.


Damage calculation:

Intensity - Resistance

Items Vulnerable to this Hazard


No items found.